2.0m Security Chains & Padlocks

2.0m Security Chains & Padlocks

Range Of Motorcycle Security Chains & Padlocks 2.0m in length.

Motorcycle Scooter and Cycle security chains. A range of chains and padlocks to protect your Motocycle, Scooter or Cycle.

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Untouchable 19mm 2.0m Chain & Squire SS65 Padlock

Used for high value motorcycles, off road motorcycles, plant, machinery etc.


Untouchable Hook Wall Anchor Untouchable Disc Lock & Untouchable 16mm x 2.0m Chain

Simply hook the chain over the hook and lock in position with Disc-Lock


Untouchable 19mm x 2.0m Security Chain + Untouchable Lock

High spec lock and chain combo. Ideal for at home security