Squire Ex-Caliber 14mm x 1.2m chain + SS50CS Padlock


Squire Ex-Caliber 14mm x 1.2m chain + SS50CS Padlock



  • 14mm x 1.2m length Chrome Molybdenum hardened security chain.

  • This chain CANNOT be sawn.

  • This chain CANNOT be bolt cropped by hand by Sold Secure, Henry Squire & Sons or PJB Security Products.

  • Extremely secure hardened chain to protect against the most aggressive mechanical attacks.

  • Zinc plated finish.

  • Black Squire heavy duty protective sleeving.

  • Attractive Yellow/Red plastic cuff ends.

  • Ideal to protect Motorcycles, scooters etc.



  • SS50CS Stronghold Solid Close shackle padlock.

  • Hardened steel body.

  • 10mm Hardened Boron Alloy steel shackle.

  • Six pin anti-pick tumber.

  • Complies to BS EN 12320 European Standards.

  • CEN No 4 security rating.

  • 250,000 key combinations.

  • Anti-corrision finish.

  • Chain available up to five metres in length sleeved.


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