Bike Bro Dual Camera Motorcycle DVR System With GPS (No Manual Capture)

Bike Bro Dual Camera Motorcycle DVR System With GPS (No Manual Capture)


As an added bonus until 31/12/17 RCMS will add free of charge a High Endurance 32GB SD Card
when this product is ordered (Worth £16.99).

The “Bike Bro” is a comprehensive, reliable dual camera HD front & rear camera system and recorder (DVR) designed exclusively for Motorcycle use. It is a DIY product, At the bottom of the page are the Installation Instructions and sample installation on a BMW GS. You can download these to see how to install product before you buy. This item also includes the GPS module.

(The below image also includes optional equipement such as the Manual Capture module).


Key Features

  • Dual Channel Synchronised Recording
  • HD Quality featuring two discrete Cameras for front and rear mounting
  • Automatic Recording – starts to record automatically whenever the bike is started
  • Auto Switch Off – Stops recording and shuts down automatically after bike is parked
  • Recorded video resolution of 1280 x 720 per camera
  • Captured “Event” files are retained and protected from being overwritten
  • Waterproof 140 degree wide angle lens cameras with hi-tack 3M adhesive mounts
  • Compact 6.5cm x 5.8cm DVR control unit with 2.0” TFT Colour Display
  • Optional Handlebar mounted event capture button for manual footage recording
  • Built in G-Shock impact sensor (variable sensitivity)
  • Event Pre-Record Function
  • Loop Recording to Micro SD Card (Up to 32GB supported)
  • Time and Date Stamp on footage
  • Bike Powered with internal Battery Back-up (no battery packs to recharge)
  • Menu driven via built in screen for easy set up
  • Locking Automotive Grade waterproof connectors for long term reliability
  • No Overheating issues – allowing very long periods of continuous use
  • Smart Power Option for CANBUS Bikes (eg BMW, Triumph)
  • Waterproof GPS Sensor
  • AVI Video Format
  • Footage playback of both Front and Rear Cameras simultaneously
  • 25 f/s Video Frame Rate
  • Easy to fit – Easy to use.
  • Main DVR Unit can easily be removed for security – simply unplug from loom
  • Share one DVR Unit easily between two bikes with our second bike hardware kit
  • Designed for Bike Use, but also suitable for Cars & Vans (with Camera Extension Kit)
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • 7 Day Customer Support (via Email outside of normal working hours)


The “Bike Bro” comes complete with everything you need to install on any Motorcycle. The retail package consists of the following items.

  • Main Control Unit / DVR with built in high brightness colour display
  • 2x Waterproof HD Cameras for Front and Rear Mounting
  • 2.5 Metre Cable Length on each Camera (Extension Kit Also Available)
  • Power supply for 10v – 30v operation
  • Generous wiring loom with waterproof connectors for plug and play installation
  • Fixtures, Mounting Bracket, Genuine 3M Adhesive Mounts, Cable Ties etc
  • Micro SD – USB dongle for direct viewing of footage on PC

**Manual Capture Module, Smart Power Unit available as options**



The compact 6.5cm x 5.8cm DVR Control unit is small enough to be mounted under the seat, or next to the Bike Battery. A mounting bracket is also supplied.

The DVR Control Unit can easily be removed from the Bike for security or storage purposes if required, simply by unplugging four connectors. The additional

purchase of a second bike hardware kit will also allow one DVR to easily be shared between two bikes, without the expense of having to purchase two complete systems.


Unlike some other dash camera products on the market, our DVR uses automotive grade waterproof locking connectors for power and cameras, and not micro usb connectors. USB connectors are intended for computer or domestic products and are not designed to withstand the constant vibration and movement encountered on the roads or during an impact. Loose connectors, can eventually mean intermittent picture loss, video interference or entire lost video footage, at a time when you may rely on it the most.




Sample Video Footage Recorded on the “Bike Bro” System


“Bike Bro” System mounted on a BMW R1200GS in Wales, Bala to Rhug


“Bike Bro” Review by Advanced Biker on his Youtube Channel



Download Product Installation Instructions - Installation Instructions Click Here

Download Example Installation On BMW GS - Example Installation Click Here

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