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dguard® - the world’s first eCall system for motorcycles. Protects both you and your bike…
Automatic crash detection and integrated theft alert function.

Key Features:

  • Protects both you and your bike
  • Built-in crash detection
  • Automatically connects rider to emergency call centre
  • Sends GPS co-ordinates to emergency services
  • Integrated theft alert function
  • Warns you via App if bike moves while unattended




dguard® Emergency eCall

The dguard® system is able to identify the precise location of an accident. Sensor technology within the dguard® module installed on the bike analyses key data such as spatial positioning / lean angle / acceleration / deceleration to monitor if the bike is travelling normally.  When the system algorithm detects parameters outside normal travel, three components activate the eCall notification to the emergency services

  • the dguard® module (including the communication unit)
  • the dguard® sensor
  • the GPS antenna

Additionally the dguard® system features a handlebar mounted eCall button.  This can be used manually by the rider to trigger an eCall to the emergency services, should anything happen in front of you which needs first responder intervention.

dguard® can be combined with a Bluetooth headset to enable the rider to speak directly with the emergency services call centre.

Perfect for touring, the dguard® eCall can be used all over Europe*, in the event of a crash the module will contact the national emergency call centre where the bike is located.

*details of full country coverage will always be held on the dguardwebsite


 dguard® Theft / tamper warning

Utilising the sensor technology within the system, dguard® provides a full and comprehensive tamper and theft warning system.  Should your bike be moved when you’re not using it, an alert is sent to your smartphone notifying you of the GPS data, enabling you to act promptly to secure your vehicle.


dguard® App for smartphone and tablet

Available for iOS and Android systems, your smartphone and tablet are easily configured with the dguard® system. 

  • Configure emergency call settings 
  • Configure theft notification settings
  • Activation support
  • System status info
  • System configuration


 dguard® can be installed in most major motorcycles, the device is mounted under the seat and simply requires sufficient space.  Suitable for all road and touring applications.


 dguard® is developed and manufactured in Germany.  The cost of the system includes two years operational use, thereafter a nominal annual fee is chargeable of less than €30

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