Datatool TrakKING Adventure System

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Datatool TrakKING System

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Datatool TrakKING Adventure delivers the same security peace of mind as the original TrakKING but with a range of additional features including full journey history logging and the ability to create location or event based alerts.

The theft protection activates automatically as soon as the vehicle ignition is switched off and monitors the vehicle for signs of unauthorised movement.

At the first sign of movement TrakKING Adventure will send an SMS text message to the customer advising the bike is moving. If the movement continues and the bike is moved away from where it was parked, TrakKING Adventure will enter full alert mode and notification will be sent to the dedicated 24/7/365 Vehicle Monitoring Team who, if the bike or scooter is confirmed as stolen, will liaise with the Police to aid recovery.

In normal use, TrakKING Adventure will record the vehicle position every 20 seconds and upload that data to the cloud every 2 minutes, giving you a permanent record of every journey. TrakKING Adventure is a true pan European product, with coverage available in all of Western Europe and many countries beyond. Routes can be downloaded and shared with friends and points of interest can be recorded for future reference.

In addition to the tracking capabilities, TrakKING also monitors the vehicle battery and will notify the owner of a low battery condition before the battery becomes completely discharged. If the battery is disconnected an alert will be sent to the monitoring team.

With 24/7 monitoring and dedicated staff, TrakKING Adventure really does deliver peace of mind.

Additional features include:

• ‘G Sense’ Notifications: (Impact detection and alert) TrakKING Adventure contains a highly sensitive 3D accelerometer which can detect the difference between a fall in a car park and a high speed impact. SMS notifications can be sent to emergency contacts in the event of a high G impact. Customers can enable or disable ‘G Sense’ from the user control panel.

• Location Based Alerts: TrakKING Adventure provides the capability to send an alert based on the vehicle arriving or leaving a specified area. E.g. a reminder to pay a toll.


Trakking - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can the thief simply cut it off? »

    No if the unit is removed it will generate a battery disconnect alert to our call centre where we will contact you and the police.

  2. GPS can’t work in a Van? »

    Our unit generates a full alert if it loses signal but is still seeing motorcycle movement. Our call centre will then be alerted to this and contact you and the police. While this is happening the unit switch’s to the GSM mobile network so the motorcycle can still be tracked.

  3. What happens if my motorcycle battery goes flat? »

    Our unit requires very little power and will even last for 3 months without any motorcycle battery power, so storage for long periods will not affect our unit.

  4. Will it drain my motorcycle battery? »

    No, our class leading product is the first to require a mere 50 mirco amps of power which is virtually Zero current draw.

  5. It will not stop my motorcycle from being stolen? »

    We would always advise that proactive security measure are taken like a lock and chain and ground anchor or one of our class leading Thatcham approved S4 alarms or Demon easy fit DIY alarm. The advantage of our TrakKING product is that more and more insurance companies will either discount your policy or in some cases insist on fitment or a tracking product. We also know that many owners have many costly extras on their machine that may not be covered in their policy, so if your motorcycle is stolen and never recovered the financial losses may be very high - plus much higher insurance premiums as the motorcycle was never recovered. With all of this in mind fitment of our product can save you a lot of time and money by recovering your motorcycle “plus you could be riding it and enjoying your season and not waiting for an insurance payout”

  6. How do I know it works? »

    We have added an SMS pre-alert feature. This means that if the motorcycle is moved more than 20ft it will send a text message to your mobile phone to warn you that your motorcycle is being moved. If it continues to be moved outside the set Geofence or even placed into a van, it will send a full alert to our call centre where it will be tracked.

  7. Can I locate my motorcycle on the internet? »

    Yes. We provide you with a customer login and you can locate and check your bike as often as you like for free (no limits) via Google maps which provides a clear and easy user interface.

  8. Can I re-trace my ride (breadcrumbs trail?) »

    No. We have decided that a true tracking product should not include breadcrumb trails. This data capture is linked to top speed data and we would not like to promote a tracking product where recent journey data and top speed could ever be used against the motorcycle owner

  9. Is it Thatcham approved? »

    Yes it has passed the tough NEW Thatcham category 6 and TQA approvals we also placed the unit under the IPX rating system to ensure it is waterproof

  10. Will it take up much room? »

    No. The unit is very small and waterproof, meaning it can be fitted very discreetly on your motorcycle.

  11. What does it cost? »

    TrakKING will cost £229.00 plus the installation charge from your dealer, which may vary slightly from bike to bike depending on the style. Please contact your local dealer for an installed price. The ongoing costs for TrakKING are just £109 per year. This provides you with access to our 24/7 command centre with highly trained staff available to assist you and the Police should the worst happen.

  12. I already own a TrakKING system and am the registered owner of the system but I would like to move it from one bike to another. Can I do this? »

    Yes, no problem. Please visit the ‘New Bike?’ section on the main menu of the website and complete the relevant online request form. Once received by Datatool your request will be carried out.

  13. I have just purchased a bike which already has a TrakKING system fitted but I am not the registered owner of the system. Can I register myself as the owner with TrakKING? »

    Yes, no problem. Please visit the ‘New Bike?’ section on the main menu of the website and complete the relevant online request form. Once received by Datatool your request will be carried out.

  14. I would like to have more than the 5 free texts per month on my TrakKING system. Can I buy more? »

    Yes, no problem. Simply click on the ‘SMS Top-Up’ section when logged into your customer area of the website and complete the online request form. Once received by Datatool your request will be carried out.


New or existing TrakKING customers are now able to pay their monitoring subscription on a monthly basis at just £9.95 per month.


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