Mammoth Bolt In Ground Anchor Sold Secure Gold Approved


Mammoth Bolt In Ground Anchor Sold Secure Gold Approved.


Sold Secure Gold approved ground anchor, the ultimate “immovable object” for home security. This heavy duty ground anchor uses two layers of hardened steel fixed to concrete by four M10 expandable bolts with Anti-Tamper bearings.

This Mammoth product has passed the Sold Secure Test Standard in categories Motorcycle Gold and Motor Scooter Gold and is included in the Sold Secure Approved Products List. Sold Secure products are evaluated using methods approved by the Police and Home Office, use of this product can reduce insurance premiums with participating insurers.


  • Sold Secure Gold approved protection
  • Heavy duty ground anchor
  • Twin layer design increases protection
  • Hardened steel construction
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Includes Anti-Tamper bearings
  • Perfect for use with Mammoth heavy duty chains and locks


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